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New York City Uncontested Divorce

Not every divorce has to be contentious. Many short term marriages with no children and minimal assets have the option to get divorced in New York State relatively quickly without breaking the bank. New York State provides the basic forms for completing your own uncontested divorce but does not provide you with the guidance to go through the court system and the procedures necessary to complete your case.  You can contact the skilled and knowledgeable attorneys at Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin, P.C. for a free case evaluation by calling 888-501-3292 or by clicking here e-mailing us for more info on our contact page.

What if I have children, can my divorce be uncontested?

You can have an uncontested divorce if you have children. If you and your spouse are in agreement in regards to child support, custody, visitation and other financial considerations,the attorney's at Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin, P.C. can assist you with drafting a settlement agreement and filing the appropriate paperwork to expedite the divorce process. 

The ability to settle your case amicably is one of our primary goals when taking on new clients. For most people this is the least stressful and most cost efficient way to divorce in New York. We handle all the work for you and take the stress out of an unpleasant process. In most uncontested scenarios you never have to step foot into a courthouse to complete your case.

New York has specific procedural requirements for uncontested divorce cases involving children and having your own attorney to handle the process for you is a crucial tool to successfully navigate the often complex process. By hiring your own independent counsel you can avoid the stress, aggravation and likely chance of having your divorce papers rejected for minor defects if you were to proceed on your own.

Let us help you get through your uncontested divorce in New York City. Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin, P.C. is a firm providing high quality representation for all of our clients. If you need assistance with your uncontested matrimonial matter, feel free to contact us anytime at 888-501-3292 or e-mail us for more information.