Anna A. said: "Leon and Elena were so easy to work with for my civil case. They stayed in touch with me throughout my entire case. They explained every part of my case as it progressed and helped me even when on weekends when I would send him a long email, I always heard back within a few hours. Very professional, courteous and what I appreciated most there was no non-sense. They told me what I could reasonably expect and came through for me with the result I was looking for. I would highly recommend this firm to my friends or family."

Nicole K. said: "Elena Mindin helped me resolve a custody issue, and made this not-exactly-pleasant experience smoother than I could have imagined. Elena was extremely professional, yet personable and always available to discuss any of my concerns. I would highly recommend this law firm to any of my friends and family, so do not hesitate to call and ask for a consultation."

Yulia P. said: "Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin is very professional and trustworthy! Leon Mindin was able to accommodate my needs and meet with me at different places for my convenience. He guided  me step by step  on what supposed to happen in court. He was always available for additional questions and quick in responding to my emails and phone calls. He helped me to win the case - to terminate child support! I highly recommend Law Offices of Mindin & Mindin!"

Nika B. said: "Reliable and professional, working with these fine people has been simple and straightforward with zero qualms in the process. As far as consultation goes, their services where almost priceless. Easily recommended."

Meg B. said: "I needed a simple prenuptial agreement and Leon was wonderful to work with. I had received quotes from other attorneys and had a few calls to just describe my needs and many of the other attorneys I spoke with were somewhat degrading. Leon treated me with the utmost respect and answered all of my questions. His flat fee is also incredibly fair based on the other estimates I received. Great experience given the uncomfortable topic and Leon made sure I received a fair agreement. Highly recommend."

John S. said: "Very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Mindin & Mindin to anyone in need of the type of service and representation they provide for sensitive matters. Outstanding communication and timely responses to all questions I had."

Kristina P. said: "If you need a good lawyer you can probably go anywhere but if you need a great, and I mean great lawyer you should probably come to Mindin & Mindin! Finding people whom you can actually trust is almost impossible today specifically because so many are senseless. This Law office is actually concerned to help out and gave me honest advice. 
VERY professional, ethical, and genuine people. Thank you for your help! Will always recommend."

Kat S. said: "I highly recommend using Mindin & Mindin. They are very competent attorneys who truly care about the client. All my expectations and needs were met in a very professional manner and desired outcome achieved. The attorneys are client focused, very courteous, intelligent, and professional. You can count on their expertise and excellent client management skills. Whether you are dealing with child support or difficult divorce, you can expect the highest caliber of attorney from this firm. Highly recommended.
The staff is very professional and caring which is a rarity. If need arises I would use this firm without a doubt."

Dan M. said: "I had a stalker that I met on a mobile dating app. She wouldn't leave me alone for months and she even started going after my friends and coworkers. I did a lot of research and I interviewed a lot of lawyers before I chose Mindin & Mindin. Leon and Elena are very professional and made me feel a lot better about my situation. Everything was handled very well and I would highly recommend Mindin & Mindin to anyone that needs results for the sensitive situations life throws at you from time to time."

Supreet A. said: "I highly recommend Mindin & Mindin. Both attorneys are competent and professional. They explain everything that a client needs to know in terms of their representation, which makes clients feel very comfortable and at ease. You are in good hands!"

Olga O. said: "I retained this law firm in January of this year on a contested matter. My experience so far has been phenomenal! Exceptional and above & beyond the norm is more like it! Leon and Elena are always available by either email or phone. In the past, it took days or even weeks to get an attorney on the phone after they cashed my check - but that's certainly not the case here! They return my calls same day, they keep me updated on my case, they discuss strategy with me as well as the next step we're about to take. I always feel protected in front of the judge. I highly recommend this firm!"

Tanny H. said: "Highly recommend - was looking to get a prenup drafted ahead of my wedding, and with my crazy work schedule, I really appreciate people who are skilled, responsive and flexible.  Mr. Mindin was very patient with me, walked me through lots of the legal jargon that I didn't understand at first glance and accommodated me if I had to change the time of a call or cancel.  I only had to make my way downtown to sign the final papers - otherwise, we went through the entire process over phone and email, which made the process incredibly easy for me."

Albert T. said: "Mindin and Mindin is regarded as one of the best Divorce and Family law Firms out there! I came to them with a Child support modification issue. My ex wife was robbing me clean each month with child support - taking over 70% of my salary. Mr Mindin took her to court and adjusted my monthly payments to a reasonable standard set by the court. Thank you Mr. Mindin for getting my life and finances back in order!!"

Larry S. said: "Very professional, fast and easy lawyers to deal with, they kept me informed throughout the entire process. By far the most professional attorneys I've ever used to date. Their time management and dedication made me feel comfortable and eventually achieved my favorable outcome. I would recommend anyone to this firm, and this firm only for guidance and representation in their difficult times."

Ma S. said: "An ex boyfriend of mine took out an order of protection against me due to a small argument we had. The order was completely unwarranted and frankly bogus and I needed someone to clear my record! I called the Law Offices of Mindin and Mindin upon a recommendation of a co-worker who was using them for her divorce. Mr. Mindin came with me to family court and had the order dropped. I'm grateful that this is no longer hanging over my head! My ex lives in the same neighborhood as me and I couldn't trust him to not be vindictive and try to get me arrested. Thank you so much to the Mindin team!!"

Irina K. said: "Mindin & Mindin are very knowledgeable and professional attorneys. They walked me through all the crazy ins and outs of my divorce process when I would have gotten lost at step 1. They made sure I understood and was comfortable with everything at every step. I counted on them to keep me on track with required filings, deadlines, court appointments and they were always on top of everything! I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for legal assistance!"


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