Scaramucci Divorce turns to Paternity Test

Anthony Scaramucci’s divorce has officially turned N-A-S-T-Y! Sources believe that his estranged wife Deidre Ball could have had an affair and got pregnant by someone else while Anthony was away building his political career for President Donald Trump.

Defendant - Anthony Scaramucci

Defendant - Anthony Scaramucci

Deidre is avidly denying such claims and hired power shark attorneys Bernard Clair and Dan Rottenstreich. Things are certainly heating up in this divorce and only time will tell if Scaramucci truly is the father.

Deidre filed for divorce when she was nine months pregnant on July 6th at the Nassau County Supreme Court. She then gave birth to the couple’s second child in late july. Scaramucci actually didn’t come home until 6 days after the child’s birth, as baby James was in the neo-natal unit at Lenox Hill hospital. Scaramucci’s attorney, Leonard Sperber has not made any comments regarding the case.

New York Divorce Attorney Leon Mindin says "As long as the child is born during the course of the marriage, it is presumed that Anthony Scaramucci is the father. If he thinks this is not his child he needs to ask for a paternity test immediately. You can't fault him for exercising his legal rights and protecting himself!"