New York Housewives Contested Divorce

Three weeks ago, another Real Housewives couple filed for divorce. Jules and Michael Wainstein, newcomers to RHONY this season, decided to call it quits after eight years of marriage. Their divorce is not like any other (insane) Real Housewives divorce, however. It has been nonstop drama since Jules reportedly caught Michael cheating with her close friend, prompting him to file the papers.

The celebrity divorce is sure to be a contested one;

The contested divorce is the type in which the spouses cannot arrive at an agreement on one or more key issues in order to conclusively terminate their marriage. When spouses cannot arrive at an agreement, even with the assistance of their legal counsel (if any), they must approach a court to adjudicate their dispute.

Since then, Jules has called the police to the couple’s shared apartment and accused Michael of “threatening” behavior, and Michael’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller (Lindsay Lohan’s old representation), has claimed Jules abused Michael in 2012. Michael has denied cheating, and Jules’s rep has called his lawyer’s statements “disgusting.” The back-and-forth may never end.

And now, after all of that, Us Weekly reports that the couple is … still living together. Aaah!

A source tells the tabloid, “Jules is going through a living hell. Michael cut her off so she has no way of paying for the kids.” Meanwhile, Heller claims that “Jules’ real goal is to create some drama to increase her stock on the Real Housewives.”

Jules finally addressed the headlines

During an appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, the New York City reality star and her on-screen pal Dorinda Medley addressed some ongoing questions about her surprising divorce from her husband of eight years, Michael Wainstein. To start, they are definitely in the process of getting divorced. 

"Yes, I can confirm we are getting divorced," Jules told Andy. The mother of two also verified they are still living together in their Big Apple home, though it has not been smooth. In June, Jules called the police on Michael because she was feeling threatened by him, though no arrests were made. 

"Obviously, it's not going very well," Michael's lawyer Mark Jay Heller told E! News. "When it gets to court, the judge may order someone to move out."

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