Marriage Proposals and NY Prenup Agreements

How Can a NY Attorney help you with Your Engagement?

There are countless couples eagerly preparing for a romantic Valentine’s Day, some out there hoping their significant other will get down on one knee and ask the magic question they have wanted to hear.

"Will you marry me?".

Click the image to learn more about marital (pre-nup and post-nup) agreements.

Click the image to learn more about marital (pre-nup and post-nup) agreements.

Many couples will get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Suddenly everyone is taken away by the excitement, planning a lavish dream wedding, finding the perfect dress, tuxedo, flowers, making a guest list and the list goes on.

With approximately 50% of all first marriages failing and a larger percentage of remarriages failing in the U.S., protecting yourself financially should, in the "unlikely event" the love fades, be your number one consideration.” Now what most people don’t realize is prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich. Prenuptial agreements should be considered by all couples planning a marriage. We can all agree that a pre-nup is not very romantic, they are a practical tool for helping manage financial affairs should your relationship unfortunately break down.

A prenuptial agreement is signed by the couple before the wedding ceremony. So in addition to planning your wedding, picking flowers and choosing a band, consider meeting with an attorney so you can both be properly protected. And don’t wait until the last minute because your significant other needs a chance to review and the terms need to be just right.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement here are some of the issues I can help you sort through before the big day:

  • Finances
  • Property
  • Inheritances
  • Children
  • Careers
  • Pets
  • Separate Property

A prenuptial agreement will save a lot of time, money and heartache in the future. For a prenuptial agreement to be fair both parties must share financial information, be in touch with what they truly want and need, not be unduly pressured to sign one, and each party should have an attorney review the prenuptial agreement once drafted to make sure all the key issues have been addressed and both parties are protected.

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